Pharmacy Services

RIS Rx’s Non-Commercial Specialty Pharmacy + 50 States Preferred Pharmacy Network

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

RIS Rx® Non-commercial Specialty Pharmacy can help process PAP enrollments for your patients. Following pre-set program business rules, RIS Rx® will help to ensure proper handling of your PAP program.

Quick Start/Bridge Supply

At RIS Rx®, we are focused on making sure that patients begin their therapy as quickly as possible while the necessary coverage requirements are satisfied. RIS Rx® can provide your eligible patients a quick start supply to minimize vulnerable patients that may be at risk of having a gap in service. Additionally, we are licensed in all 50 states to make it convenient for your patients to receive their medication and to start their treatment.


As an alternate model, RIS Rx® can provide consignment goods to eligible patients as a cost control option.

Specialty Pharmacy Triage

RIS Rx® makes it easy to triage specialty prescription due to payer mandates ultimately reducing the rate of abandonment.