Manufacturer & Hub Support

Government Screening/Program Eligibility Powered by PreVail® OmniCheck

A cornerstone to any patient affordability program is ensuring that patients receiving support are commercially insured and eligible. To ensure program compliance, RIS Rx® can provide deeper insights to government screening resulting in robust data sets.

Benefit Verification Powered by PreVail® BeneFIT

Our combined workflow management and network is focused on augmenting our technology solutions to solve for eligibility screening for both pharmacy & medical benefits. In addition, we can also offer overflow contact center support to provide a hyper care solution.

Benefit Investigation - Pharmacy and Medical Powered by PreVail® BeneFIT Plus

We deliver real-time coverage details and price transparency to our end-users for medications under pharmacy and medical benefits. PreVail® BeneFIT Plus is equipped with a dynamic and intelligent master payer database. Our data is backed by integrity and industry leading results.

Prior Authorization and Appeals Support

Our best-in-class customer service agents support countless HCPs by providing their expertise in navigating the complexities of the prior authorization process. This reduces the time to therapy and ultimately improves the overall patient experience.

Pre + Post Launch Consulting RIS Rx® Advisory Board

Launching a new product can be a daunting process. The RIS Rx® Advisory Board is composed of pharmacists with extensive industry knowledge and decades of experience on the pharmacy frontlines.

Payment Solutions

Patients shouldn’t have to struggle when it comes to high copays which prevents them from starting their therapy. Our framework is designed to accommodate to all payment vehicles so that reimbursement is hassle free.

Case Management Support

RIS Rx® provides dedicated support for manufacturer programs so that patients can navigate through their insurance plans with expert guidance, ultimately easing the stress involved in the prescription life cycle.

Copay Loyalty Programs

RIS Rx® has pioneered copay loyalty programs to benefit both patients and manufacturers. By gamifying the copay experience, you will see an incremental lift in your program’s overall reach.


Maximize your ROI by augmenting your Co-pay Program with RxPASS™. RxPASS™ combines both professional and machine-based technology to measure your copay program performance. With RxPASS™, you can identify gaps in your program, FWA, ensure compliance with OIG and save millions by ensuring proper adjudication.