Ancillary Solutions

RIS University – Pharmacy Insights

Gain valuable insight to retail and specialty pharmacy networks!

RIS Rx’s Pharmacy Insights utilizes a classroom-based  learning model that is carefully curated to it’s audience. Our goal with each of our RIS University modules is to boost our ’students’ literacy in the pharmacy and healthcare space.

With RIS University, we offer a ‘point-of-view’ experience allowing the audience to essentially become the pharmacist. RIS U Modules can focus on specific therapeutic classes,  managed care, pharmacy management and everything in between.

The following classroom sessions are currently available:

  • Pharmacy 101
  • Pharmacy 201
  • Medical/Buy & Bill vs. Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Performance & Integrity Services

Careful management of dispensing partners are vital to the viability of your network. Ensuring that your SP partners are keeping up with change management and offering a uniform service is important to secure continuity and sustainability.

RIS Rx offers SP Management Services that will help track your limited distribution network so that that service level agreements are met and maintained.

Just like all RIS Rx’s offerings,  our SP Management solutions have built in data reporting and customized web portal build outs so that your brand has a unique look and feel.

In addition to vetting and onboarding your Specialty Network, RIS Rx offers RxPASS (Pharmacy Auditing Surveillance Services) a fully customizable pharmacy audit and monitoring solution.

Service Touchpoints

  • Comprehensive overview of co-pay card redemption data
  • Specialty Pharmacy Vetting and Piloting
  • Enforce co-pay card program’s terms and conditions
  • Ensure honest and accurate coupon processing at the pharmacy level
  • Weekly Monitoring  and coaching of participating pharmacies
  • Identify non-compliant usage of cash-cards and co-mingled BINs
  • Identify potential fraud, waste and abuse

50 State Dispensing Services

Through a carefully curated network and alliance, RIS Rx is pleased to provide dispensing services in all 50 states to create a borderless experience for patients and healthcare professionals.

Our 50 State Distribution Network can provide overnight shipping solutions to align with our speed to therapy philosophy.

Reporting & Analytics

Data is as beautiful as it is powerful. RIS Rx boasts a robust data reporting matrix that is fully customizable to take your reporting insights to the next level. Virtually every data field is carefully tracked to ensure that stakeholders extract the most value from their program performance.

Data can be delivered in variety of different formats from a simple flat file to customized, white label solutions. RIS Rx can also work with your business intelligence tool to further enhance your data insights.

Data Analytics and Reporting are standardized across our service portfolio to add further value to your brand and programs.