Healthcare solutions in the digital health space

RIS Rx® is a healthcare solutions hub with a strong imprint in the digital health space.

Founded in 2015, RIS Rx® has become an industry leader in delivering access and affordability solutions for clients in the healthcare continuum. RIS Rx® primary area of focus are: Benefits Verification/Benefits Investigation, Eligibility and Medical Buy & Bill Reimbursement Solutions.
RIS Rx® is proud to work with local pharmacy schools to help drive our vision for a better patient journey.

Our diverse and robust network has allowed us the opportunity to service patients and providers with better treatment outcomes and improved sense of well-being.

Our Core Capabilities

  • PreVail® — Real-Time Benefit Verification & Cost Calculator Tool
  • eBV, eBI & Medical/Buy & Bill Reimbursement Solutions
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Specialty BI
  • RxTransparency™ — Our data and market analysis tool
  • RIS U — A classroom-session webinar series putting the audience in the pharmacist terminal.
  • Custom Web Services Design

Enterprise Solutions

  • Custom API, Dev and Integration
  • Payables Management
  • Complete Pharmacy Hub
  • Solutions and Loyalty Hub Support

We are driven by improving access to patients and stakeholders via providing a clear and defined roadmap to sustained success.