Healthcare solutions in the digital health space

RISRx is a healthcare solutions hub with a strong imprint in the digital health space.

Founded in 2015, RISRx has become an industry leader in delivering access and affordability solutions for clients in the healthcare continuum. RISRx primary area of focus are: Benefits Verification/Benefits Investigation, Eligibility and Medical Buy & Bill Reimbursement Solutions.
RISRx is proud to work with local pharmacy schools to help drive our vision for a better patient journey.

Our diverse and robust network has allowed us the opportunity to service patients and providers with better treatment outcomes and improved sense of well-being.

Our Core Capabilities

  • PreVail™ — Real-Time Benefit Verification & Cost Calculator Tool
  • eBV, eBI & Medical/Buy & Bill Reimbursement Solutions
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Specialty BI
  • RxTransparency™ — Our data and market analysis tool
  • RIS U — A classroom-session webinar series putting the audience in the pharmacist terminal.
  • Custom Web Services Design

Enterprise Solutions

  • Custom API, Dev and Integration
  • Payables Management
  • Complete Pharmacy Hub
  • Solutions and Loyalty Hub Support

We are driven by improving access to patients and stakeholders via providing a clear and defined roadmap to sustained success.